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Tips And Tricks On Controlling Your Sleep Apnea

In the event you or a loved one has been diagnosed as having sleep apnea, you are sure to be curious about the various treatments available. You may need to explore several options to find which one suits you. If you take the time to let this article sink in, you will be armed with critical knowledge to battle sleep apnea.

A large number of sleep apnea sufferers sleep on their backs. If this is you, then you should try finding another position to sleep in. Sleeping in a position, such as on your side, can help alleviate the problems caused by constricted airways.

Before you go to sleep, be sure to quiet your thoughts. Stress can make sleep apnea worse. When you go to sleep with a lot of things going through your head, it may worsen your sleep apnea symptoms. Figure out ways that you can clear your mind before you go to bed.

Sleep apnea is often easy to treat, and it's just a matter of becoming educated it and putting these treatments in place. Stick to a regular, set schedule and go to bed at the same time each night. Make sure your environment is suitable for your sleeping arrangement. If you don't set up your room correctly, you may not be able to sleep.

Be proactive in finding treatment. If you don't consult a physician about what you can do, your condition will worsen and may even threaten your life. A visit to your doctor is essential to prevent your sleep apnea symptoms from ruining your nightly sleep.

Try your best to use your CPAP machine as much as possible if you get one. It is hard for many patients to become accustomed to using the CPAP. However, it won't be effective if you don't use it every day. Starting at just four hours per session can help you ease into adjusting to your CPAP.

Discuss your sleep apnea with your partner. Evaluate their feeling about it. It may be that you have awakened your partner frequently with your snoring. If they have been bothered by it, let them know you are willing to do what it takes to let them have a good night's rest by getting your apnea treated.

If you are obese, start a weight loss program. Sleep apnea and obesity are often tied together. If you are obese, lose at least 20 pounds to see if it makes a change for the better with your sleep apnea. It will also help ward off other medical conditions, too.

Prevent falling asleep on your back. Being on your back can compress your airways, leading to breathing problems that wake you up. Try sleeping on your side, however, if this is not natural to you, then prop yourself up with pillows in order to force yourself into sleeping on your side every night.

Stop snoring devices are often helpful in treating sleep apnea. When the airway is closed but still allows a little air through, that's when snoring is most probable; in sleep apnea, the airways are almost fully closed. It actually makes sense that your device can assist with the latter if it can help you with the former. Your sleep apnea may benefit from the use of a stop snoring device.

Sleep on your side. Sleep apnea sufferers tend to sleep on their back. When you sleep on your back it can cause your throat and mouth tissues to impede your airways. Breathing is a lot easier for your body to do when you are on your side. Use pillows to force yourself to sleep sideways if you have a problem with rolling over once you are asleep.

Throat exercises have been shown to help with the symptoms of sleep apnea. Throat exercises build up the muscles around the airway, and can make them less likely to collapse. A common exercise recommended to sleep apnea sufferers involves holding the tongue flat against the roof of the mouth for 180 seconds. Perform this exercise once per day.

Knowledge is truly powerful when it comes to sleep apnea. The more you know about sleep apnea, the more able you will be to find the proper course of action. Utilize the tips you got today to figure out how to get rid of as much sleep apnea as possible.

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