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Suffer From Sleep Apnea? Follow This Advice.

Any intrusion to your peaceful sleep can prove nightmarish, but the prospect of sleep apnea is particularly terrifying. You do, thankfully, have many options available to you in order to minimize your symptoms and maximize the quality of the sleep you get. Use the advice from this article to sleep more comfortably.

Are nicotine and alcohol a part of your life? Quit these vices. They can do bad things to your airways. Smoking and alcohol combined can definitely cause sleep apnea. If you find that you just can't give these bad habits up, do what you can to not do either of them within four hours of your bedtime.

Minimize your alcohol intake. If you regularly drink, your throat muscles will relax too much, which will block your airways and cause snoring. If you are going to drink, have only one a few hours before bed. This can keep alcohol from messing up your sleep.

You can get some relief from your sleep apnea symptoms by doing tongue exercises. For three minutes, press your tongue up to the roof of your mouth. This exercise strengthens the tongue and throat muscles, making it less possible for them to allow the blocking of your air passage during sleep.

When sleep apnea deprives you of much needed night time rest, try and get a nap in your day to compensate. A nap will give you sufficient energy to make it through the day. Explain your situation to your employer, and they might be able to make an exception for you.

Look for alternatives to sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can interfere with your throats muscles, just like alcohol. They can also contribute to a large variety of things that are problematic to those who suffer from sleep apnea. Consult your doctor to find a sleep aid that won't impact your breathing.

A majority of sleep apnea sufferers sleep on their backs. If this applies to you, try switching the position you sleep in. Sleeping on your sides helps keep your airways straight, which reduces apnea during sleep.

You need to keep pursuing treatment options, even if you don't feel like going to doctor's appointments are evaluating CPAP machines. Your loved ones can help you by driving you to the doctor's office or help you research CPAP machines.

Ask your loved ones what they think about your sleep apnea. Spouses are often the first to help sleep apnea sufferers recognize their condition. Discuss the effect that your apnea has had on their sleep, and reassure them that their sleep will improve as you seek treatment.

It is hard to know whether or not you are having difficulty breathing at night if you sleep alone. You might consider video recording yourself asleep. Make sure you have audio on your video so you and your doctor can hear the noises you make in your sleep.

You should never smoke if you are dealing with sleep apnea. This irritation causes narrow air passages that make breathing difficult. You could use various methods of nicotine replacement, electronic cigarettes or a stop smoking program to quit smoking.` After 30 days of dedication, you should almost be cured from being addicted to smoking. Once you are over that, you shouldn't have as much trouble with cravings, as the nicotine has started leaving your body.

A CPAP machine (so called because it provides continuous positive pressure to your airway) can be a powerful ally in your fight against sleep apnea. It provides relief by the use of a mask that you attach over your nose and mouth. The CPAP machine is hooked to the mask and allows for a more restful sleep as it provides you with a constant flow of pressurized air. These machines work extremely well, but unfortunately the mask can be hard to get accustomed to while you're sleeping.

Don't use opioid or narcotic medicines if you suffer from sleep apnea. These medications lower oxygen levels in all patients. For a person with sleep apnea, this effect can lead to a potentially life-threatening situation.

People need every bit of available energy to deal with the demands of day-to-day life, and that means that getting healthy, natural sleep is vitally important. There is no reason to suffer needlessly with sleep apnea when there is a treatment option that will help you get control again.

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