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Some Of The Best Sleep Apnea Tips

People who deal with sleep apnea every day understand how troublesome it can be each day. Self-education is the first (and possibly the most important) step in dealing with this tricky condition. Use this article to find out how you can cure your sleep apnea.

You have to get rid of a few vices to get through sleep apnea. Drinking alcohol and smoking are very bad for the condition. Alcohol depresses your nervous system and makes it harder to breathe, particularly when you are asleep. Smoking damages all parts of your airways. When you stop doing these things, your sleep apnea symptoms should be reduced.

Patients who suffer from sleep apnea might want to consider losing weight as a means to relieve the symptoms. Sleep apnea is correlated with being fat and having a large neck. Getting thinner will lower the amount of pressure on your trachea, which means more air will get to your lungs while you sleep.

CPAP machines aren't flawless; if you do find your mouth dry, there are a few things you can do. Increasing the humidity on the machine itself will keep your mouth and nostrils moist. You could also try a mask with a chin strap, as this prevents air leakage by keeping your mouth closed.

Lose weight if you need to. It is widely known that being overweight is the cause of sleep apnea for some people. As a result, the loss of just twenty or twenty five pounds can make a significant difference in reducing your symptoms of sleep apnea.

In severe cases of sleep apnea, you doctor may recommend corrective surgery. Research all your options and potential side effects from the surgery. If you doctor finds your tonsils are causing your sleep apnea, he may recommend they be removed.

Your physician may suggest that you start recording your sleeping habits in order to zero in on your sleep apnea symptoms. You would record your total hours of sleep each night, as well as symptoms that occur. If you sleep with another person, they'll be able to help you keep track of snoring, interruptions in breathing, or jerking of your limbs. Your doctor will then be able to tell if you suffer from sleep apnea.

Do not drink any type of alcohol before you sleep. Sleep apnea is just one of the sleep disorders that can be negatively affected by alcohol use. Alcohol affects the central nervous system and makes it less likely you'll be able to be woken up if you stop breathing. When this happens, death could result quickly.

Toning up your throat muscles is in fact an excellent way to deal with your sleep apnea; the condition originates from the throat rather than the nose. In an effort to strengthen throat muscles, many exercises can be done to help.

Think about taking up the didgeridoo to help with your sleep apnea. It may sound strange but this greatly strengthens your throat muscles, which is effective in aiding sleep apnea sufferers. Research has clearly indicated that this can help sleep apnea. Many instruments are available used today, if cost is a factor for you.

Sleep apnea sufferers need to be diagnosed by a doctor. There are many complications that come from sleep apnea, and sound sleep is too essential to your health and life to be making blind guesses. Speak with your doctor and let them know all the things going on in your life that may be the cause of this condition.

Speak with your doctor about writing you a prescription for a heated humidifier if you have a CPAP machine to sleep. Warm, moist air will make you more comfortable at night and allow you to sleep well. If your CPAP machine doesn't have a humidifier, make wearing your mask much easier on yourself by asking for a humidifier prescription from your doctor.

One thing that affects sleep apena is obesity. Anyone who is overweight and suffers from sleep apnea needs to lose weight for the sake of their health. These people should set themselves up with a weight-loss plan that involves exercise and calorie reduction. Reducing carbs in the diet may also help.

People with sleep apnea agree the condition results in difficult living conditions every day. Thankfully, doing your research allows you to gain the knowledge you need to better handle your condition. Take the tips in the piece above to heart, and you will soon reclaim the peaceful slumber that has been so elusive.

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