Kamis, 01 November 2012

How to Use Aloe Vera Mask

Every woman would want to look beautiful, it is not uncommon for the purpose of hundreds or even thousands of dollars spent just to buy beauty products.

One important product is the product for your skin. These products may contain substances that are specially formulated to keep the skin beauty. However, the trend to use natural products continue to grow even more popular lately. Herbal and natural products offer natural goodness with little or no side effects as compared to modern product formulation laboratory results.

A versatile product that is good for skin products that contain aloe vera. The African indigenous plants has long been well known for skin and body, such as aloe vera to reduce acne or for just a day care.

The following is how to wear the mask of aloe vera:
you can use aloe vera leaves are still fresh or buy natural aloe vera gel on the market.

Wash your face with warm water then apply aloe vera directly meat that has been cut into the skin of the face and let stand a few minutes until dry. Once dry rinse with normal temperature water.

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