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Overcome acne with aloe vera

Already in the past centuries aloe vera is used to treat minor burns and mild abrasions or cuts. A history written in 1750 BC, a Greek physician utilizing aloe vera to prevent hair loss, dealing with burns, and accelerate wound healing. In 1935 it was found that aloe vera can be used for healing burns. Since then further research on aloe vera continues to evolve, including aloe vera use for treating acne.

The problem of acne is still a major problem in the appearance of youth. and so far this problem has not been totally resolved. Aloe vera contains antibacterial ingredients, astringent and anti-inflammatory that is effective for acne. Besides other benefits to the skin such as moisturizing and nourishing the skin with vitain A and E contained in aloe vera. Astringent to neutralize the fat that is good for acne.

How to use
Take care of your skin with aloe vera gel mask regularly several times a week. Before doing so it is better to do a sensitivity test by applying the gel on the back of the ear, although very rare allergy reaction but no harm in doing the test.

Clean face first with warm water and then apply aloe vera gel to the face. At first the acne may look more severe, but it will not last long and is followed by reduced redness, inflammation and itching of the acne. Although it can not cure all of acne on your face, but aloe gel mask enough helps to relieve acne.

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